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Kardex Remstar: Experts in Storage and Distribution Solutions

Running a business has its challenges, and two of the most common ones include distribution and storage. Kardex Remstar specialises in these two areas to ensure operations run seamlessly and efficiently in any company. We provide various services to our esteemed client ensuring they are happy with our results.

storage system

We provide unique storage options and equipment that help free up hidden space buried in clutter or poor organisation. With more space in your hand, you can bring in more stock and ensure your business never runs out of supplies. You can begin to enjoy annual savings by getting great discounts when you buy in large volumes.

Professional Handling Services

Having been in the business for years, we have perfected the art of handling from the beginning to the end of shipping processes. We install state of the art conveyor systems to transport cargo faster in the warehouse or when loading/offloading to containers. Additionally, we update warehouses with automated storage options and retrieval machines for better handling of goods.

Warehouse Managing

We go the extra mile to offer workable warehousing management tips to both small and large businesses. Through our office technology solutions, we assist companies handle large quantities of data in a seamless manner. We help businesses merge digital and physical data for easy access of information, boost productivity, and of course save on space. We have three available office technology solutions for businesses; Lektriever software, Times Two filing system, and Mobile shelving.


Lektriever is an automated storage retrieval system that holds thousands of data in files, DVDs, CDs or videos. It has a 16 four-drawer storage capacity and can be wired to your IT system to sync material. In the Times Two is a double filing system, the cabinets have 360° rotating shelves with storage space on both sides. Mobile Shelving is an available solution for archived files; it is designed in a way to ensure any file can be conveniently retrieved from archives regardless of how far back it dates.

Kardex Remstar is your number one solution in both storage and distribution services. Whether it’s a small business or shipping company, we provide storage facilities and handling services that will revamp how you do business.

Features of a proper storage system

A good storage system – such as the one being used by kardex remstar, is a mixture of proper stocking of items and an efficient organization of inventory. When items have been manufactured and distributed, it is important to have a good storage system to properly have them warehoused. A properly implemented storage system ensures that items are properly stored and can be tracked with ease. Such a system would make warehousing functions more manageable. For storage systems to function effectively and efficiently, these essential features need to be taken into consideration.

• The structure should be strong and durable

A good storage system should be structured in a manner that ensures the safety of the materials being placed in them. This means providing an environment that is sturdily designed to ensure the safety of both its personnel and the items that are being stored.

• Proper space utility

When the space in the warehouse is properly utilized, it gives it a more organized ambiance and makes it easy to have items stocked and tracked. Personnel can easily move items within the facility without having to face the risk of getting injured.

• Automation

Successful storage systems leverage on technology to ensure that their systems and processes are adequately automated. The benefits of an automated storage system are evident in its proper utility of time and manpower. It makes it easy to store, track and locate items anywhere in the warehouse.

• Operational safety

When all the aforementioned features have been achieved, a proper storage system should mitigate against safety hazards by ensuring the implementation of proper operational safety standards. One way to achieve this is to ensure that the facility is structured and designed properly. This is aimed at mitigating against unnecessary work place injuries.


For kardex remstar, having a good storage system cannot be over emphasized as it enhances the overall effectiveness and efficiency of its personnel. Do not simply fall for any storage system on the basis of familiarity or popularity. Ensure that a thorough research is conducted to ascertain that efficiency and feasibility of any chosen storage system. When a storage system functions properly, its effect can be seen in proper time utility and an overall manpower efficiency.